Friday, September 21, 2007

The Newbie Helpsite For Your Business At Home

I just wanted to write a quick note to let my readers know what's up. My website was a mess for a while, but I fixed it. I was sick for over a week! But, that's the beuty of working from my own home, I don't have to call off.

I really added a lot of new content for you guys. There are some new articles and a bunch of new free tools to use for your home business.

Oh, and I also got a web cam and I'm dying to use it. I think it will really bring me closer to my readers. I can talk to you like you're sitting right here.

I stayed up for 2 days working on my website, so enjoy. Make sure you read the "News Flash" at the top of the home page

There are a bunch of surprises for all you home business moms and dads and everyone else.

I just think there's enough for everyone and we should help each other out. That's why I became "The Newbie Advocate" for your business at home.

There's a lot of good stuff for affiliate marketers on The Newbie Helpsite

The next thing I have going on is another site. It's going to be geared more toward the next stages of internet marketing beyond affiliate marketing and basic website construction.

The new site is being done by Dreamweaver (I'm going to make some tutorials for you) and we'll look at resale rights, branding your own website, making a name for yourself in the world of home based business, etc.

Oh, I added my Skype and ICQ numbers to my contact page if any home business newbies want to contact me that way.

I look forward to hearing from my readers and getting some feedback on the new site.

Have a prosperous weekend everyone.


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