Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Website Is Finally Finished!

I've been working on a new website for affiliate marketers. It has taken me YEARS to figure affiliate marketing out. I have finally gotten the right tools to do it right so now, da dada da... presenting The Newbie Helpsite. This is where I wish I could've gone to get information on how to start a real business at my home. There are just too many things out there to know where to start!
My mission is to document my journey as a "Newbie" in the world of on line business opportunity. My goal is to provide my readers with helpful product reviews and tips for getting started. In other words, I want to provide the guidance that I wish I'd had a few years ago when I began to seriously consider starting a home based business.

So, if you're stuck, check it out. If you like what you see, remember that all of the products and programs described on my site are tools that I use personally to run my online business.

Stop making the 'gurus' rich and take a piece of the pie for yourself. Why shouldn't the regular folks get in on it too?

To Your Success,

Sheree D. Motiska aka The Newbie Advocate

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