Friday, January 25, 2008

How To Get More Subscribers Without Spending Any More Money.

Sometimes you can just do a little bitty tweak in your online presentation and make a huge difference in your results.

With the same traffic you're already getting, suppose you could find a way to get twice or 3 times the amount of subscribers you're getting right now?

Now you already know:
  1. The money is in the list.
  2. You need to offer them something of value to get them to subscribe.
Since so many websites offer newsletters, you should be giving your specific target market something helpful and valuable to them that is an extension of what they're already interested in by being on your website to begin with:
  • E books
  • Videos
  • Mini courses
These are things you're probably already aware of, right?

So, let's get to the meat.

OK, there are several methods you see all the time to get people to opt in. There's:
  • A "newsletter" link somewhere at the top of the page or within the main navigation.
  • The form that's in the sidebar of the page.
  • The pop-up or pop-under or slide-in, or some other such "alert" type of form.
I have tested, and still use, all of these methods of getting subscribers and have gotten subscribers through each method. But, guess what gets me the most subscribers?

My autoresponder allows me to track literally everything:
  • How many people open my emails.
  • exactly where they opted in.
  • What time of the day they subscribed.
  • And countless other stats.
The #1 most effective opt-in method out of all of the methods I've tested is to put a subscribe form directly within the content of my web pages.

You see, when someone visits your website, chances are, they didn't come to subscribe to yet another email newsletter. They came for information. They came to read about something that you have written.

Therefore, this being the "attention age," you've got to get them while you have their attention.

If you're an affiliate marketer or a network marketer with a website, hopefully you have your site set up to pre-sell and to educate your potential customers about various topics of interest.

Therefore, you have content provided to entice people to hang around and actually read what you have on your website. So, if you've captured their interests with your content, what better chance do you have to get them to sign up for more valuable content?

Make your list a way for them to get more of what they came for in the first place.

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Anonymous said...

YOU are The Master---always sharing great information, and endless patience and sompassion to all of us new to this realm of business. Thank You so very much for all you do!!